Martina is an artist, cook, writer and cultural manager. Her interdisciplinary training allows her to use and combine different research tools and symbolic content between various artistic practices. Martina builds her edible pieces as conceptual works, which despite being participatory, do not identify with Relational Art but with what Thomas Hirschhorn calls Active Art. Her pieces examine aspects such as time, disintegration, and transfiguration. Martina believes that contemporary art continues to rely heavily on visuality, its hierarchy, and its distance. Representation, as Deleuze says, runs the risk of being serial and repetitive, and ignores the subversive power of exploring through the brute force of sensation. Martina is interested in working around other sensorialities through art and promote the sense of taste as a counter-hegemonic tool for sharing knowledge that has been suppressed or disregarded due to their direct relationship with our bodies. 

Martina works as producer and curator in Third Space Gallery Helsinki.

Martina is part of La Colectiva, a collective of five Latin-American artists, researchers and academics who live in Finland and produce books and exhibitions together.