The Dionisious Art is it Contemporary Art?( A review about the role of beauty in art)




Recenty I read a book called The Role of Beauty written by Humberto Eco.

This book makes a very interesenting review about the role of beauty in art, and how this has changed through the different artistic periods. For example, during Greek times, beauty was obviously found in proportion and ideal beauty because it represented truth and justice. This beauty could be proved thorugh mathematic operations and went through a verification process which justified its beauty. For many, art works must be beautiful to be valuable, but that is completely false, fot the truth is, that the external beauty of art has been so overused that it really doesnt mean anything anymore. And at this point we should ask ourselves, what is the main purpose of art?   To be beautiful or the meaningful.

The beauty we used to find in the art pieces of the Greek period are considered to be Apolisious due to their ideaistic forms and shapes, and due to the fact that they didnt represent the human reality but the divine features of the Gods. Amazingly, during this period we can find some art pieces that are contradicatory to the influences of perfection represented in the art of that time, due to the presence of Dionisious. Dionisious is known to be th Greek God of chaos, perversion and sin, and obviously he was not mentioned duing that time, but still he has reappered through a specific art period.

Where? In contemporary art.

For many artists such as Marcel Duchamp and Joseph Beuyse, there is no point in doing beatiful art if the human reality is so disgusting, and sad. During a time where there was nothing but war or violence, its logicall we cant be talking about any type of beauty. Well artists such as this are responsible to present the other side of the coin, that is the dark side of art, the nasty side of art, the provocative art. Postmodern art presents the raw reality of human race, and makes us question, our reality.

Dionisious would be so happy if he would see how strongly and deeply he has influenced postmodern art and how beauty has been displaced, from the surface of the art piece to the idea of the art piece, the meaning and significance that makes us know the artist, know the world that we live in, and know ourselves.


What do you think about postmodern art fellows???

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