Well hello there cyber strangers….. Ypu don´t know me, I dont’ know you (this feels strange)

Dear computer screen…..

My name is Martina,  and I made this blog with the objective of unleashing the somehow  fascinating world moving behind our screens and, discovering it. I am a cook, I love art, I love the art theory and well, in fact, I love a lot of things of life, thats why Ive had so many problems choosing….somehow it´s very hard to pick, when you only have one life to live. To leave something behind is exactly what I had to do. 

Has it every happened to you that you find something you love, it might be anything, but you just do it so much that the flame just fades; it might occured you with a love of the past or even with your favourite dish….Well in my case that occured with my carreer….I just couldn´t cook anymore. The autumn of a passion, the falling of the night over the warmth of the sun. It was hard, no offense who all the thousands of people who love coooking out there….. Its a great activity,,, its just not made  for me…all the competivity… the pressure…the hot line….I just didnt feel I could develope myself there…..I felt like a mouse trapped inside a laberynth, inside a wall, of a huge building, inside a huge city. Well, anyway, I found my real passion in plastic arts and art appreciation, and I work in an art gallery now, and even though I dont know exactly what I want from the future…. Im very happy. I understood there´s no point in rationalizing life….if you dont enjoy it or find pleasure in what you do. And well, here, in this reduced space of screen I just wanted to express and absorb virtual experiences to grow, to learn, and to enojoy of cybernetic freedom. Its quite exciting and at the same time depressing to write this…..Is anybody out there???

Oh yeah. Thank You Very Much,

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