The Weird Cloud Atlas…Mandatory Credit: Photo by Science Photo Library / Rex Features (1815511i)
Mammatus clouds over northeast South Dakota, America
The Weird Cloud Atlas
*Full story: http://www.rexfeatures.com/nanolink/hscd Mammatus, also known as mammatocumulus (meaning “mammary cloud” or “breast cloud”), is a meteorological term applied to a cellular pattern of pouches hanging underneath the base of a cloud. The name mammatus, derived from the Latin mamma (meaning “udder” or “breast”), refers to a resemblance between the characteristic shape of these clouds and the breast of a woman. They can produce some dramatic and unusual patterns on the sky and are also associated with severe storms. If your knowledge of clouds only extends to ‘dull and grey’ or ‘white and fluffy’, then prepare to be amazed by this cloud atlas. Nature also produces clouds in all shapes, sizes and colours. Some can fool the unwary into thinking they’re having a UFO experience; others send folks rushing into storm shelters.

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